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6 Halloween Games That Will Make Your Party an Instant Hit!

30 October 2017

With Halloween tomorrow, we are sure you are on the hunt for some fun activities to do at your party! Sadly, Chip-Down is still in production but there are plenty of other games that your guests will love. We asked around and survey says these are the best games to make your Halloween more fun than doing the Monster Mash.

  • Donut on a String

Grab a dozen donuts and some string, and hang em high. Watching your guests try to eat donuts is fun for everyone, and the best part is getting to eat the donuts when it’s over.

  • Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunt

Run to your local store and grab Halloween goodies like toy spiders, ping-pong eyeballs, and skeletons. Have your guests split into teams and try to find the most items.

  • Halloween Charades

Write down Halloween themed items on paper for your guests to act out. The categories can be anything, scary movies, songs, or halloween characters. Split your guests into two teams and the team that guesses the most correctly wins!

  • Pop-Up Mad Laboratory

Full up bowls with food that have a weird texture. Our personal favorites are spaghetti noodles, cold hot dogs, and peeled grapes! Have your guests feel around with a blindfold and try to guess what’s in the bowl.

  • Mummy Wrap

Grab your cheap, 1-ply toilet paper and put your guests into pairs. Play some Halloween music and the pair that gets wrapped up the fastest wins!

  • Bobbing for Apples

An all time classic game that doesn’t need much explaining, get your apples in a bucket and watch your guests try to grab apples with their mouths. Pro tip, if you want to make your party interesting… switch out the water for white sangria!

The Chip-Down team wishes you all a happy, spooky, and safe Halloween!


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