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Happy Veterans Day to all of America’s Veterans!

11 November 2017

Today is a significantly special day.

It’s a significantly special day because it’s the day that we give the sincerest of thanks to every one of the selfless, courageous and honorable men & women who have, and are currently serving, our Nation’s Armed Forces.

We are forever proud and indebted to all of the brothers & sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands & wives who have pridefully served our country for our safety & security here in the United States. We hope that you will reach out to anyone that you may know, (or even meet after reading this!), who is a veteran and give them a thank you, a hug, a meaningful phone call, a handshake, or even a hat tip to let them know that you understand and appreciate the sacrifices that they have made on behalf of all of ours.

We here at Chip-Down give the biggest and deepest of thanks to all of the Retired and Active U.S. Armed Forces Members. We love and support you!


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