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On This Day: 11/29/2017

19 December 2017

Happy Birthday Mo’!

I am, and will be until the day that I leave this Earth, a New York Yankees fan. Like some New Yorker’s (the REAL New Yorker’s) I grew up in a die hard New York Yankees & Giants family. We bleed Giants blue & Yankee pinstripes. Luckily for me I grew up during those 90’s “Dream Team” years with Jeter at short, Jorge behind the plate, Pettitte, David Wells, Mike Stanton, David Cone & Mo on the mound, Bernie & Paulie O’Neill in the outfield and Constantino “Tino” Martinez on first base. In my mind, this will forever be my favorite team in Yankees history. All of those guy are amongst many MLB, but more importantly, Yankee Hall of Famers. Happy 48th to one of one those all time great Hall of Famers, Mariano Rivera. Enter Sandman baby!


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