Chip-Down is an ultimately portable golf-inspired backyard game that puts everyone on a level playing field! We have simplified the game of golf to be manageable for everyone. Our game has evolved from a wooden box prototype to our now lightweight and portable assembly. As golfers, we know that it takes years to perfect the game of golf but with Chip-Down, it takes minutes! Our specialized shuttlecocks soar through the air with perfect trajectory and do not roll around in busy parking lots. They truly provide a user-friendly experience for all!

Chip-Down is based out of Buffalo, NY and we are proud to be a part of the Western New York Entrepreneurial community.


Bernard Cohen

CEO/Co-Founder of Chip-Down
Bernard is the Chief Executive Officer at Chip-Down. He is very outgoing, personable, and creative. In his spare time, Bernard likes to play golf, cook, and keep up with new technology trends!

Joseph Ricciardi

COO/Co-Founder of Chip-Down

Joe is the Chief Operating Officer at Chip-Down. He is a pragmatic thinker and is always looking for ways to make concepts become a reality. In his spare time, Joe enjoys catching up on the news and playing with his cats.